Welcome to the new Jolene’s Web Designs and More. We are now offering our services full time to all the hardworking North Florida writers and small businesses. We specialize in helping you get in touch with your readers/customers in a fun and informative manner through the use of websites/blogs, social media posts, and promotional videos. For the writers, we offer full-service self-publishing packages too.

Please visit our SERVICES page to see a listing of all our products, descriptions, and prices. You can add them to the shopping cart now and pay if you are ready to act now or you can use our use the form below to set up an appointment to discuss your current needs. We are always happy to invoice our customers for services but payment must be made prior to our beginning your project.

    Initial consultations are free and can be arranged in-person in our new offices here at The Blanche Hotel or virtually on Zoom. We also have the capabilities of using FaceTime and Google Meet if you prefer. We do not use Skype at this time. Just send us a request using the form above and we will email you a secure link to meet online on the day and time we have agreed upon. READ MORE…

    Digital marketing is the best way to attract and keep your customers these days. Being able to find you on the web and in social media posts allows your customers who are unable to come into your store, visit your offices, or attend the local book signing events (most have been canceled this year but some are going virtual) to keep in touch. Selling your products/service and stories online is the next step in the evolution of retail sales. Yes, you can set up a storefront for products or publish your books on Amazon but they do keep a good percentage of your sales. We need every penny we can make these days folks and having an online store can help you keep more of those funds.

    We can teach our clients how to effectively use their new website/blog with consistent and informative posts and articles, keeping the website up-to-date with the latest sales and new products. That needs to be done on a regular basis. To get the word out you have to put yourself out there on social media as well as paying for online advertising. We can help by assisting you with your social media posts, creating informative videos, and creating a schedule for you or your employee to follow. These are the steps that will work best for the products, services, or stories you are currently selling. Sorry to say there really is no magic bullet of steps or techniques you can use in marketing to help your business to continue to grow in these trying times. The best thing we can do is figure out a strategy together, do the steps consistently, and keep track of your results.

    Of course, for those willing to pay our fees we will be happy to take over these chores for you. That is part of our Virtual Assistant Services that we offer. We do ask that you commit to a 6-month trial and we invoice for these services at the first of every month. If after 6 months you feel we haven’t helped you get more customers then the service is automatically terminated. We always give our customers all the materials used in creating their websites and videos. At the end of the year, we will forward the information on how to transfer your website to another hosting service and renewal of your domain.

    We look forward to helping you with your website/blog, social media, and self-publishing needs.