Submission Requirements

Submission Requirements

Please use the form below to send us your articles for our online magazine. All submissions become the property of the magazine once they are published. You will be notified when they will be active on our site and be sent a link to your email to share with your own readers and add it to your portfolio. We truly appreciate the time and effort you spent in created the article.

Any article submitted must be able to fit into the main categories below that we have established for our magazine.

***Legal Stuff***

All submissions must belong to you and in your own words. Any articles found to be plagiarized will be deleted immediately and you will no longer be able to submit any material in the future. Any graphics/pictures you include with your article MUST be available in the public domain, your original creation or otherwise available for commercial use. Further, any AI created articles will also be deleted. We want to encourage writers to write good articles and have a place to share them with an appreciative audience.

We reserve the right to add, delete or change any of this information as the need arises.

Main Categories for Our Articles

Book Marketing Tips
Tips and Hints for writers about marketing their books

Computers and Software for Writers
Modern day writers need a computer to writer their stories and sometimes they need the aid of software as well

Getting Paid or Funding for Writing
Most writers (not all) would say that they want to get paid for their writing. Whether that is through books sales, commissions, or donations and grants. We explore this topic and gather resources for more information for our professional and hobbyist writers alike.

Getting Ready to Publish
Information for writers who are getting ready to publish their books.

Holiday Writing Inspiration
There are so many seasons and holidays throughout the year that can inspire us as writers both for writing and marketing our work.

Self Publishing Information
More and more writers are wanting to keep more of the publishing pie and the only way to really do that is to self-publish. We gather information to help you with that.

The Business of Writing
Writing is a business just like any others. You have to work on it, market it and keep it going so that you get paid.

TikTok For Writers
There is a huge writing community on TikTok and other social media pages. It seems we are embracing the digital marketing age with gusto. We feature tips on creating your own channel, recommend other writers and keep abreast on some of the best practices.

Writer and Book Reviews
Reviews of books and writer interviews

Writer Tips
Tips for writers might include how to write certain types of stories, where to get reference materials and who to contact in order to get professional advice on any subject you might be writing about or adding to your story.

Writers On the Road
Information and featured articles for writers who are Full-Time RVers or other kinds of digital nomads.

The categories with the smaller numbers are always welcome for consideration.

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