Alternative Selling Sites

BarbaraCairnsAs writers you may want or need to do a lot of self promotion of your books. There are alternate selling sites out there besides bookstores. We met the author, Barbara Cairns, who writes children’s books and Florida History novels. We met her at a Fall Folk Festival at Dade Battlefield Historic State Park. She set up her table with the books that she has written as well as her business cards with her websites. She is a delightful lady and I can’t wait to buy some of her books for my grandchildren. All she needed was a smartphone with Square-Up Swiping device and she could have sold a few more books. We also get updates from TS Robinson, a Sci-Fi writer in Jacksonville, Florida, that attends the local Riverside Arts Market and Sci-Fi conventions to sell his books. If you have already paid for the books to be printed you might as well go out and meet your reading public and sell a few books while you are out there.

There are all kinds of festivals, flea markets, and craft shows every single month somewhere near where you live. All you have to do is find the ones that go along with your writing, read their requirements for participants and pay their vendor fees. Processing credit cards will help you make more sales while you are there. More and more people do not bring money when they go out and appreciate sellers who can take their debit/credit cards to pay for items they may not have otherwise have bought. Yes, you can sell your books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or even Smashbooks. You need to compare what services they offer and what they charge for selling your books on their sites. You might want to try selling your writing using your own website and Square Up can provide you a Shopping Cart and Marketplace for Advertising for Free. You get a two-for-one deal there. Paypal is beginning to offer this service as well. We will talk about their services in another article.

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