Money Master’s Guide by Raymond J Hicks

Money Master's Guide - Game Mastering For Fun And Profit by Raymond J Hicks

Need cash? Love gaming? Here is how to make money using skills you already have.

Money Masters Guide by Raymond J Hicks

Title: Money Master’s Guide
Series: Game Mastering For Fun and Profit
Author: Raymond J.Hicks
Genre: Nonfiction, Self-Help, Gaming, Business

About the Book Money Masters Guide by Raymond J Hicks

Is there a better feeling than getting paid for something you enjoy doing for fun?

In Money Masters Guide we will show you several ways to pivot your already creative skills as a game master into a profitable side hustle. In today’s world, everyone needs a little side money to help make ends meet. Why not find ways to use your gaming hobby to help pay those bills?

In this guide, we will look at several pathways for using skills you already possess to find financial freedom. The Money Master’s Guide will explore:

  • Writing Adventures
  • Selling Fiction
  • Streaming and Podcasting
  • Running Paid Games
  • Hobby Blogging
  • Running Kickstarters
  • And many more methods from outside the box

Every chapter contains actionable activities to get you started on your path to becoming a Money Master.

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About the Author Raymond J Hicks

Author Raymond J Hicks

Raymond J. Hicks is a fresh author with a love of making characters who grow alongside their readers. Dad, high school teacher, gamer and at one time co-host of “The Game Masters Stash” Facebook group with over 17,000 followers, Raymond is always looking to give back where he can. He has a great sense of humor and counts among his highest accomplishments having reached 30+ years of age without ever once reading an author bio and that one time he was dubbed the prettiest pretty princess in a board game. Raymond believes we are all pretty princesses deep down inside and tries to allow his characters a time to shine in their own unique way, whether it’s in fantasy, sci fi or adventure. He hopes you enjoy his writing as the one thing he wants the most is to share his stories with like-minded readers.

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