The Devils Spies by KC Sivils

What made you want to become an author, and do you feel it was the right decision?

I love it. I wish I had started this entire process decades ago.

My grandparents were a huge influence on me. My grandfather was a professor of journalism. Each morning, starting at about age six, I was handed the newspaper and required to read the front page to him. As I got older, my responsibility expanded to include the Sports page and finally I could pick a page I wanted to read.

Not only did this teach me to be informed, I read both good and bad writing and he would explain to me the difference between the two.

Like all children, I could get bored.

My grandmother simply did not tolerate it. I was instructed to “use my imagination.” She’d hand me a stick and a piece of string and tell me to go fishing. A recliner would become the captain’s chair of a spaceship. And best of all in hindsight, she would insist I tell her my story as I imagined it.

Both were avid readers. My grandfather read, and corrected, three newspapers each morning before he left for work. I have never met another human who could read as fast as he could. If he found a story by one of his former students in the local newspaper and there was a mistake, it was promptly cut out, marked with a red pencil, and mailed to the offending former student with a note to the editor who let it get past them. I later learned when I was a varsity basketball coach and got to know some of the local sports writers that it was an honor to be corrected by Dr. Price. It meant he thought enough of them as writers to demand they not make mistakes.

My grandmother liked historical fiction and thrillers and read one book at a time until her eyesight deteriorated to the point she couldn’t enjoy reading anymore.

Regardless, reading was a daily activity that was expected to be done in silence for a minimum of forty-five minutes a day. The exception was when I was expected to read aloud. My grandmother was a former lower elementary teacher and insisted I read to her a few minutes each day. I would then be quizzed for understanding and then asked to provide commentary on what I’d read.

Like all grandparents, they liked to spoil me. But, to their credit, they had their limits. Both of them could say no and mean it.

Except when it came to books.

I don’t ever remember going to a bookstore, or a store of any kind that had books for sale, and not going home with a new book in my hands.

The only limit they imposed upon spotting books was I could pick one, but only one, and I had to read all of it before they would buy me another.

To this day, I still have many of those books. What a blessing they provided me with, a love for reading.

The Devils Spies by KC Sivils

The devil has eyes and ears everywhere!

The Devils Spies by KC Sivils

Title: The Devil’s Spies
Author: K.C. Sivils
Genre: Historical Fiction

About the Book - The Devils Spies by KC Sivils

Needing to stop the flood of humanity fleeing communist oppression by making it to the divided city of Berlin, the communist government of East Germany took drastic measures. In August of 1961, construction of the Berlin Wall began.

Two young lovers, an American refugee worker, and an East German seminary student, find themselves separated by the wall. Desperate to be reunited and build a life together, Angela Wettin and Michael Dieterich, with Michael’s brother Joseph, set in motion a dangerous plan to escape by tunneling under the Berlin Wall.

Determined to stop any hope of gaining freedom, the East German Stasi, the dreaded secret police of the communist state, formed Department XX/4 to infiltrate and spy on the Church in East Germany.

Faced with betrayal, dangerous cave-ins, and family conflict, the trio enters a life-and-death race against the Stasi and Department XX/4.

Can they gain their freedom before they are caught by the Devil’s Spies from the Stasi?

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About the Author KC Sivils
U.S.A. Today and Amazon Best-Selling author is the creator of the scifi crime noir series of Inspector Thomas Sullivan novels as well as the southern noir series of stories centering around the private investigator James Benoit “Heat” Heatley.

A longtime fan of crime noir and science fiction, director Ridley Scott’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi classic Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep into the masterful Harrison Ford vehicle Bladerunner encouraged Sivils to consume as much of both genres as possible in his younger years.

A fan of past noir masters such as Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, Sivils also enjoys the current generation of storytellers like Sandra Woffington, Tom Folwer, Jeff Edwards, Renee Pawlish, and James Scott Bell.

In addition to his aforementioned series, Sivils is also the creator of the Agent Nelson Paine Historical Mystery series set during WW II and the early years of the Cold War.

In a previous life, Sivils was a varsity basketball coach and high school history teacher. He and his wife, Lisa, have three adult children, seven grandchildren, and two four legged furry children who still live at home, Bella and Mr. Darcy.

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