Salvation By Blood by Marisette Burgess

Balvation by Book by Marisette Burgess

Skylar is gifted to be his human pet. Demarkus, a vampire lord, must take her blood, her body, then her life. But can he?

Salbation by Blood by Marisette Burgess

Titles: Salvation By Blood
Books in Series: Parts 1 & 2
Author: Marisette Burgess
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Skylar by no means had the perfect life- but she was free. Until the night vampires broke into her apartment and snatched her. Now, she finds herself in a real life hell, the kind horror movies are made of. She’s gifted to a vampire lord to serve as his pet, but only for a week. Three certainties exist. He will take her blood, take her body, then take her life.

Demarkus Osei, Lord of his clan, is obliged to attend the 20th Vampiric Centennial Conclave. A task he loathes. For one week, he’s given a human to fulfill his duty to his family. But this year there is something different about his slave. Aside from the fact that he and every vampire at the Conclave find her blood mouthwatering, she’s unique. There’s an inescapable pull. He can’t quite put his finger on it, but the urge to protect her, to spare her from pain, is overwhelming. But he’s a vampire. His thirst and hunger must be sated.

As Skylar and Demarkus navigate through his basic vampiric cravings, they can’t ignore the cruel reality of their situation, their inner monsters, or the looming end of their time together. This once rational, put-together lord, now finds himself making rash illicit decisions, to spare her and himself from pain. Will he choose to follow what is demanded, resulting in her demise, or will he defy every vampiric decree?

Marisette Burgess’ new twist on vampiric folklore doesn’t disappoint as she seamlessly weaves a Beauty and the Beast trope into the rich tapestry of a vampire love story. Skylar and Demarkus’ slave/master relationship keeps the reader wanting more as she tries desperately to keep the vampire’s needs under control while he fights his urge to not fall in love.

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About the Author - Marisette Burgess

Author Marisette Burgess

Marisette loves writing about the fantastical and pushing her imagination to the limit. Her son asked her once why she writes and her response was because it allows her to cope with her crazy. She likes to explore themes like girl power, diversity, perseverance, and fighting against the odds. Stories with diverse backgrounds hold a special place in her heart. One reason mixed representation and diverse families are important to her is because her family is mixed. She lives in Florida with her husband, two children and two rescue Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mixes named Ivory and Ebony.

Other than writing, she enjoys traveling and relaxing in front of serene landscapes with her family. Things she cannot live without are flip-flops, coke zero, and yoga capris.

Marisette is author to the Symbol of Hope Trilogy on Amazon a YA Supernatural Adventure Romance.

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