The Talented by Desy Smith

TheTalentedByDesySmithToday we are featuring a new writer who requested a book review. Since this is a Webs and Blogs for Writers website we thought why not add this review to our blog. Any other new writers who wish to be featured on one of our blogs we hope will contact us using our CONTACT US form and we would be happy to oblige.

Desy Smith is a new, up and coming writer, who is participating in a blog book tour and just released a press release on the website:

From the website here is a synopsis of the book:

At age 17, Carmel’s life has been a jungle throughout the foster care system. After a freak accident involving her foster brother, a sharp ice dagger, and an unforeseen woman she’s never met (like never) she finds herself in a mental institution.

Three months she spent in that horrible place accepting her fate. Until the mental institution decides that they now want her dead (yes, DEAD). As Carmel tries to free herself, a guy mysteriously appears in the room with her. Carmel realizes that he’s not normal and neither is she. Arriving at the H.O.T, House of Talents. A school where people posse different Talents from shape shifting to control over Fire.

Carmel learns that she is Talented ( not crazy) and has the ability to control Water and Ice. Finally Carmel feels like she can call H.O.T home, she makes new friends, learns to control her Talent (somewhat) and begins to fall head over heels for a guy. However, her happiness is short lived, danger can be found in every corner, from her classmates and not knowing when to mind her own business. If Carmel can stay alive, figure out why certain people want her dead and why the guy she’s likes gives her Deja Vu. Then maybe she can enjoy her new home, because she finally found a place she belongs and she will fight like hell before she gives that up.

The author does have a very nice website:

Check out her Bio and Current Book Tour Schedule. This lady is pretty busy over the next couple of months. You go girl! And, we wish you much luck and look forward to more of your stories.

Buy her first book on Amazon – The Talented

Now Available: The Talented Part 2 – Past Lives


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