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As we find websites and blogs that we believe are helpful for writers and small businesses we will be adding them to this page and a link on the menu below this page. It may seem a little redundant but we want to be as helpful as we can for all those new writers out there who may have not published their books yet as well as to all the small businesses in America who are looking for information to help to get more customers. If you have a website that you think we ought to list here please feel free to use our CONTACT US form and send us the information.

We want to include information resources for writers as well as those websites that we have found to be especially helpful to small businesses looking to run their own website as effectively as possible. Writers need links to tools of their trade as well as how they can reach more readers. This, of course, is a “work in progress” and is by no means an end-all or be-all for everyone.

Thanks for looking!

Writers Tools

Bartlett’s Quotes

CIA Factbooks

Free Encyclopedia

Grammar Rules with Grammar Exercises

Students Guide to Grammar

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus

Free Online Rhyming Dictionary

Thesaurus – Synonyms, Antonyms and More

Writers Funding Sources and Writing Contests

Funds for Writers

IndieGoGo Crowd Source Funding

Kickstarter Crowd Source Funding

Writers Publishing Resources

Self Publish Your eBooks on Barnes and Noble Nook

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing

Jolene’s eBooks and More

Author Fan Pages and Websites We Created

Barbara Comfort, Author, Fansite

Janie Bolitho, Author, Fansite

Dorothy Gilman, Author, Fansite

Sandra West Prowell, Author, Fansite