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BetsyandRossLee-150x150Betsy S. Lee & K. Ross Lee lives and works in the St. Augustine, Florida Area. They have lived in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania but settled in Florida for now. Betsy S. Lee started to write in 2003 as an escape from the harsh realities she was experiencing. A few years later OFF THE TRACK (life through the eyes of a greyhound) was born. The book received the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award (First Place).

A few years later when Betsy was writing her sequel, she nudged her husband, Kal, to collaborate and the Seven Red Knots was born. Seven Red Knots is a mystery set in historic St. Augustine moving between the seventeenth, eighteenth, and twenty-first centuries. It is the search for lost Spanish gold and through the Kabbalah’s secret of transmutation of time, the truth of God is revealed.

They are in the process of writing, Andrew Ranson, Friend or Foe. This is a fictional account of an actual historical person’s unrequited love, financial ruin, piracy and international intrigue.

After reading the first 5 chapters of the Seven Red Knots offered on the website I look forward to purchasing the book and reading the entire story. What could be better than a Time Traveling Mystery set in St. Augustine, Florida? And with the possibility of finding a long hidden gold treasure? We wish this talented couple lots of luck with the writing and hope that they write another mystery novel soon. St. Augustine has such a long and rich history to read about and explore when you visit the area. If you have never visited there then you are missing a great treat.

List of Published Books

Off the Track (Children’s Fiction)
Off the Track Coloring & Activities Book (A companion book to the children’s story)
Off to Hollywood (Children’s Fiction)
Historic St. Augustine Activities Book
The Shrine Coloring Book
Let’s Color & Draw (Beginners Coloring and Drawing Book)
Fort Mose Activities Book, First Free Settlement in America
Seven Red Knots – Time Traveling Mystery Novel set in St. Augustine, Florida
Andrew Ranson – St Augustine Pirate (published 2014)

Website Address: and

Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Time Travel, and Animal Stories.

Who or What Got You Started in Writing?
Betsy S. – an escape from the harsh realities of life and the encouragement of a mentor.
K. Ross Lee – Betsy nudged him, because she knew he had talent.

What Do You Like Most About Writing?
Creating Worlds from Words.

What Inspires You As You Are Writing?
We live the characters’ lives, as if they were our own.

What Do You Dislike Most About Writing?
It can be lonely.

Which Books Do You Read Most?
Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows, Garth Stein, Pat Conway, Fannie Flagg.

What Do You Do To Relax?
Create book covers, business cards, Achievements Certificates, most anything that needs to be created and printed, Then sleep, sleep, sleep! Swimming, ride my trike, when we had Greyhounds kiss’en up and my loving husband.

Do You Do A Lot Of Research For Your Stories?
Yes, the St. Augustine Historical Society and internet.

If published, what are you working on now?
Andrew Ranson, Friend or Foe (Historical) and An Anthology on Prejudice.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to upcoming writers?
Have a good vocabulary (and Bartlett’s Thesaurus) and get a good foundation in grammar. You should write about something you have a passionate for, then READ, READ, READ!

Write your first draft without worrying about spelling and punctuation marks. Make your characters believable. SHOW feelings, thoughts, actions, etc. Each chapter MUST push the reader to the next and at the same time be able to stand alone.

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